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Via ferrata in Haute-Savoie
Aprill to october (BASE START)
Le Bellavista
F-74740 Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval
July to August (BASE FINISH)
Résidence Les Rhodos
Avenue du Giffre
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Fancy white-water rafting ?
Do you fancy a trip on this curious inflatable craft? Naturally you won't be alone, the crew can be up to eight people accompanied by an experienced guide. But watch out, you really will have to paddle!
Rafting uses an unsinkable, self-draining inflatable raft designed especially for white-water. It brings teamwork onto the river, under the direction of a guide who starts each trip by teach the crew the skills they will need to negotiate the rapids.
Fun and energetic, rafting can range from a comparatively gentle river trip to a high-octane thrill-filled descent. As a family, with friends, alone or as a couple, we can adjust to suit everyone's desires.
 A gentle meander or a nerve-tingling descent? All tastes are catered for.
All trips are accompanied by a state-approved guide.

Minimum age: 8. Must be able to swim.

The emphasis is on friendship and teamwork. The bravest at the front, the more laid-back in the middle, and the beefiest in the engine-room at the rear, means that everyone can share in the thrills of shooting the rapids.
We offer trips in the magnificent setting of the Giffre, and can also visit the Dranse or the Arve.
Equipment (provided):
  • neoprene wetsuit
  • neoprene bootees
  • wind-cheater
  • helmet
  • life-jacket and paddle
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